gratitude friday 6/12

I’m so grateful for the loving energy offered to me yesterday post-share at an AA meeting. My second of the day.

I’m grateful that I can talk about what’s going on, even when the craving to use strikes. Better than talking about it after I’ve gotten loaded, huh?

I’m clean and sober today, still, and for that I am immensely grateful.

Had an interesting memory hit me this morning, remembered coming home at age 17 or so out of my mind on acid, and being asked to play cards with mom, dad, and a sister or two. I couldn’t get into the game, I was totally ungrounded—the first of my many major disconnects with the world and the people around me. [shaking my head in wonder; how the hell did I survive?]

I’m grateful. Stressed. Grateful. Stressed.

The stress is going to to kill me.

I’ve started meditating again. And doing t’ai chi again. Desperate measures.

Blessed be.

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  1. Sue Kearney ~ Raven of the Redwoods

    Have I told you lately how much you inspire and astound me? That your openness and honesty, your fierce truths and gratitude encourage me to higher levels within myself? Have I mentioned recently that I am immensely grateful that you are in my life?

    well I should have – and I should do so more often.

    you are a wonder.

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