gratitude friday 6/20

wheelofyear.jpgIt’s the longest day of the year! Enjoy the light. I am. It’s he season for fun and passion. A time for rejoicing and self-awareness. I ask myself: What do I want to keep and nurture and harvest in the coming season? What am I ready to release. From this moment, the days shorten again. The wheel of the year.

From today’s research:

Another name for the Litha (summer solstice) full moon, is Honey Moon, for the mead made from fermented honey that was part of wedding ceremonies performed at Litha.

In China, the solstice ceremony celebrated the earth, the feminine, the yin. Complements the winter solstice (Yule), which celebrates the heavens, the masculine, the yang.

The Celts and other Europeans jumped the bonfires, believing that the crops would grow as high as they could jump.

The Essenes were was a Jewish religious group active in Palestine during the 1st century CE. It was one of about 24 Jewish groups in the country — the only one that used a solar calendar. Archaeologists have found that the largest room of the ruins at Qumran (location of the Dead Sea Scrolls) appears to be a sun temple. The room had been considered a dining room by earlier investigators, in spite of the presence of two altars at its eastern end. At the time of the summer solstice, the rays of the setting sun shine at 286 degrees along the building’s longitudinal axis, and illuminate the eastern wall. The room is oriented at exactly the same angle as the Egyptian shrines dedicated to the sun.

I am grateful to be alive in this moment in the glory of the longest day of the year. I am blessed. I am whole. I am complete. Blessed be.

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