gratitude friday 7/18

Full moon in Capricorn. My reading for today is here. I had a lot of upset going on this week with work getting slow and me getting worried. The same old song: financial dire straits oh no! What will become of me oh no! It’s addictive. It’s conscious. It’s belligerent. It’s me choosing misery over peace. Stress over joy. When things get quiet we set fire to the drapes. Oh yeah.

So. The full moon in Capricorn. Traditionally called the Thunder Moon (summer thunderstorms) or the Buck Moon (when antlers begin to appear).

Time to howl? Time for mature and responsible emotional expression. Capricorn, an earth element, helps us see where we are too dry or barren.

Mercury approaching opposition to Jupiter can mess with my sense of proportion (and it certainly has!). This is an excellent time to remember not to take myself too f’ing seriously.

Also a great time to clear out and detox (between now and the next new moon).

It’s a good time to shine a lunar light on my belief that I need to continually strive to get ahead. This full moon shows me where I betray myself at the deepest level in order to create an impression of success. What can I do? I can slow down, experience our natural energy and where it wants to flow. Instead of working hard to create a life structure that I think will create happiness, I can allow the structure of  life to grow out of the flow of my natural energy. Radical!

What other lessons are offered by this month’s full moon? The siren call of perfection, of course, goes hand in hand with the striving mentioned above. What can I do to turn this tendency to perfectionism into something productive and rewarding?

On a global level, it’s time to send ceaseless energy to those who have suffered in war and natural disasters and do what’s necessary to rebuild and vitalize the planet. Breathe hope into the world. [Thank you Trinity and Starweaver for these insights.]

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