gratitude Friday 7/2

Beginner mind. Beginner mind.

What a wonderful concept. I am so grateful that Christian planted this fruitful seed in me. Helps so much for this know-it-all. After 20+ years of study of t’ai chi, including over ten years of teaching, and years of push hands and advanced classes and sword form—after all that, I left my school, moved across the country and have been a solo practitioner of the art for sixteen years. Having forgotten the sword form (the thing I learned last) and yearned for push hands (one needs a partner for this) for many years, I now find myself preparing for class at another school, starting on Tuesday.

I was catalyzed to find a class when I found my new acupuncturist, who (not so gently) reminded me that it’s not just about acupuncture (which I pay someone to do to me), but about enhancing health by things I can do myself (ahem, like t’ai chi). My occasional practice has now become an everyday thing. I do the form twice every morning. Followed by banging all my bones with a kinda kinky-looking heavy wire brush (to encourage marrow production and vitalize chi).

And so I found a teacher of Yang style short form (the one I was taught). He resisted my plea to allow me to step right into his push hands class. Twice—I don’t give up easy. I’m allowed to come into his intermediate class (not the advanced!) and do my time learning what he wants me to learn. Ahh. Yes. His school. My pride. Beginner mind. I love this! I get to leave the know-it-all at home and just roll with it. A little humility. A lotta willingness. And a smile. So thank you, Chris, for the reminder of the value of a t’ai chi class, and Christian, for the timely mention of beginner mind.

  • I am so grateful.
  • Today I am grateful for the open and willing clients who embrace their adventure of self-opening and exploration and blooming with me.
  • I am grateful for the exciting new ventures I am embracing.
  • I am grateful for my developer partner, Dustin Laine, who is a genius. And young and inspired. He inspires me.
  • I am grateful for my daughter Rose and that I get to have her in my life.
  • I am grateful for my new friend Carolyn, and romance in its infancy.
  • I am grateful for my family of choice, my sisters and brothers and babies.
  • I am grateful grateful grateful for every moment that has led me to this one.

Blessed be.

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