gratitude friday 7/4

Independence day. Also the day of Pax. On this day in ancient times, Pax (a Roman goddess of peace and harmony, identified with the Greek goddess Concordia) was honored with feasting and revelry.

Also on 7/4, the spirits of the mountains are honored by the Mescalero Apache Gahan Ceremonial, while the Great God who dwells within the fire of the Sun is paid homage to by the Ute Indian tribe of Utah and Colorado, who perform an annual Sun Dance.

I am set free today. I am grateful for taking the harder road, the road of big change, and committing to the trip to Hawai’i. Traveling with my sister for a few days on the Kohala coast. Black sand beach, white sand beach, views of Maui and west. And a week on my own. Might be the ho’oponopono retreat. Might not. I can wait and see.cups07.jpg

I feel a bit shell-shocked by this crazy decision. And guided. Wow.

I am grateful to be present in my life. In today.

I am grateful for my big day yesterday. Work. Travel plans.

My card for today is the seven of cups. What new mysteries await me today? What’s under that cloth in the center cup?

I am grateful for hula practice, for my developing relationship with my kumu (hula teacher), for lindy hop at the 9:20 Special. Fun! For staying out and up late and having fun. For dance!

I am grateful for my coaching clients. Three calls yesterday.

I hear that my darling Kim’s husband is critically ill. I know there is a loving universal spirit that is everywhere I look, that is in everything and everyone. That is radiant life and love and health and is everywhere in creation. And that this loving spirit, everywhere, is everywhere in me. I speak a word for Jeff. That his challenges are already resolved. That he is already restored to harmony. That all is right perfect and complete. That he has inside him everything he needs for this moment and the next. I am so grateful to know this. To know that love and spirit and life and light are around inside within without Jeff every moment with every breath. And I release this word into the perfect law of this lovely universe knowing that everything Jeff needs is within him now. I let go and I let goddess do all that is to be done. I trust. I know. I know. And so it is.

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