gratitude friday 8/15

Full moon in Aquarius. Yes it’s tomorrow, but we’re celebrating it tonight in ritual, and as astro-girl for my group, I’m preparing my report.

There’s a partial lunar eclipse tomorrow at 1pm Pacific (not visible in the states). It’s the second half of a pair of Leo/Aquarius eclipses. This is apowerful and intense full moon. Emotions may be boiling (mine have been!); a great opportunity for honoring this turmoil and expressing these feelings with compassion to yourself, your community and the planet.

Aquarius energy is all about individuality, vision and change, inner and outer. Also enhances our creativity.

There’s more: Mars in Virgo is square to Pluto in Sagittarius retrograde (started on the 12th, ends on the 19th). This is an intense and challenging aspect, packed with power and punch. Lots of insight and tremendous potential to be transformative and empowering. It’s time to look at the most pressing and frustrating situations and look for a creative gateway from anxiety and fear. And watch for athletic injuries in this power-packed week.

Mars squaring Pluto reminds us to get into action, to make manifest our core beliefs and values. And do whatever calming and centering work you know and to which you are drawn to transform and transcend the ego pull of Mars and the addictiven tendencies of Pluto.

Mellowing all of this, Jupiter trines Saturn this month through early September. This is especially good for practical earthy people and their goals.

Manifest manifest manifest!

Good. That’s done.

I’m grateful I have AppleCare. I am now getting to bring my computer in for authorized repair. Lucky me. Sheesh. I am grateful I have two computers. I can continue to function in almost full geekosity while my laptop is being repaired.

I am blessed. I am lucky. I got my driving school final certificate just in time to bring to the courthouse today, on deadline. Phew!

Blessed be!

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  1. sorry i missed getting to say hello last night… saw you as you scampered down the walkway while talking to Maia and Stephanie and did not realize you were on your way out.

    from the astro-reading above it looks like this is a good time for my vacation. Must. Get. Away.

    (good luck on the computer stuffs – let me know what is happening… Marcus is having “issues” with his too. Do Macs have astrological signs? might have to do a chart for his! (giggle))

  2. Ooh sorry I missed you too. Maybe the Brotherhood should look for an AstroBoy…I love doing these reports.

    Everything’s been ported back to my desktop and the ailing laptop goes to the shop Monday.

    Thank goodness for the abundance of two computers!

    Blessed be, dear one.

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