Gratitude Friday 9/10

It’s a good day to be grateful.

And I am that.

My journey in Ireland is coming to a close. I’ve had a quiet day and a half in Cork town. Met a new friend at a meeting last night.

I was tired and grumpy when I landed up in Cork. Long drive. Thwarted by the GPS from hell. Prevented me from seeing the dolmen in the Burren I was planning to see as well as Lough Gur. Maddening. Frustrating. Tiring.

So I got to Cork, walked to a meeting and, when called on, just shared my truth the best I could. Got some smiles and nods and the magical release from self-obsession and reminder that my attitude is a choice.

Was delighted by the compassionate and friendly shares. Connected powerfully with a gal after the meeting. Angela. My new friend. She took me home with her and fed me dinner.

She met me this morning, took me to a meeting and walked around town with me. I am delighted to have connected with her. She is kind and funny and super generous.

I just now called the car rental place and asked for an adjustment due to the faulty GPS. I’m getting 50% refunded. Glad I asked. Glad I got a yes.

I’m grateful blessed and happy. Happy to take the day off from sightseeing. Happy for the warm sunshine of the early afternoon. Grateful for the veg soup at lunch.

Grateful I get to have one more quick visit with Angela before she drives off tonite. And for me, another meeting and dinner out and then a quiet night in.

Blessed be!

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