gratitude friday 9/26

I am so grateful. Things are moving again after a longish still period in my life. Income is still standing still; yet there’s lots of activity and lots of possibility. I am grateful for the power and willingness to put one foot in front of the other every day and to show up for possibility.

I am grateful that I finally have an idea or two about how to revamp my graphic design website. Phew!

I am grateful that the day—today—when a plumbing problem appeared in my kitchen, the plumber who services this complex happened to be here.

I am grateful for lovingkindness.

I am grateful that my dad has found romance. And that I am surviving my own reaction to *why everyone else seems to be able to do this but me*. Surviving—not pretty. And happy for Dad anyway.

I am grateful that I was able to get a cable tech appointment today. My DVR box seems to have had a possibly terminal reaction to the new software/firmware update.

I am grateful for interesting invitations received from my witch community. I am intrigued and so pleased.

I am blessed and content and all is well.

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