gratitude friday June 4th

My father’s birthday.

Born 86 years ago today. Died nearly 90 days ago.

Love you dad, miss you. What is remembered, lives.

  • I am so grateful for life. For ease in my body. For strength. For healing.
  • I am grateful for the loving support of family and friends as I move through challenging times.
  • I am grateful for my receptivity and willingness. Have ordered a couple of books (after looking in three bookstores last night for them): Healing Back Pain by John Sarno and You Can Heal Your Life (book and workbook) by Louise Hay. I am ready to address, the best I can, whatever underlying issues may be causing the frequent susceptibility to Too. Much. Pain. in my body.
  • I am grateful for clients, paying work, work done in trade that enhances my business life. I am grateful for the new identity for my business; it’s very exciting to be a few days away from the launch of Magnolias West!

Life is good. Life is good. Life is good!


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