Gratitude Friday, November 25

Did you feel it? Thanksgiving landed right in the middle of the New Moon in Sagittarius window.

The direct moment, the moment the Moon was eclipsing the Sun in the mutable fire sign Sagittarius, was at 10:10 p.m. here in California, right when many of you were finishing cleaning up from your Thanksgiving feast, digesting and resting. A perfect opportunity to laser-focus your gratitudes into action.

Every single blessing in your day, in your life, every single one of them is an opportunity to commit to expanding your life and your vision and your actions to reflect your goals and your highest good.

Many say the New Moon window is a dark time, a shadow time. Yes the Moon dark, yet that is the time when the sky is most filled with brilliant stars. What if every single one of those stars was a reflection of one of your dreams, one of your goals?

Write down every thing for which you are grateful—the blessings you receive, the people who grace your life, life itself and its many wonders. This listing/focusing on gratitudes is powerful stuff. (More on that later—the Gratitude Challenge 2012 is being announced very soon!)

I am very grateful today for

  • preparing, cooking and bringing heaps of beautiful food made by me and two of my sister priestesses to Occupy Oakland to add to their feast
  • the beautiful bounty generously shared by others
  • loving friends and inspiring community
  • health
  • a sense of humor
  • generosity (when all else fails, do something for somebody else!)
  • commitment
  • loving sisterhood
  • cooperative technology
  • persistent creativity
  • organ donation (Cross got his new kidney yesterday!)
  • honoring crazy ideas (I’m really going to make a pilgrimage to Poland to visit the birthplace of my ancestors? Really? Wow.)

Wishing blessings to all!

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