gratitude monday 10/20

Monday morning. Cold. Cold toes. Wishing I had some socks on. Hold that thought. Yum. My toes are now snug in my Uggs boots. Better.

I am grateful.

Truth first. I did not get on the scale Friday or Saturday. Scale phobia in the house. My jeans fit better now; that’s good. I’m on day two of a three-day master cleanse. Lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne. Yum.

I’m grateful I ran into a friend at Whole Foods yesterday. We got to spend some time together and she was there to provide some grounding when the big jar of maple syrup I had just poured started foaming and overflowing. There we are in the middle of the aisle with maple syrup flowing everywhere. Sticky! It worked out fine, and the manager gave me a nice discount too. Nice.

brooksdyad5.pngI’m grateful for my new shoes. I broke down and bought actual running-shoe–type sneakers with support. How unlike me. I really don’t much like the look; am training myself to love them because they really really really make my feet and ankles feel better.

So now I too wear dorky-ass running shoes. At least when I’m running and taking walks. Good for me. I’m grateful to be willing.

I’m also so grateful for the way the shopping went. I spent over an hour at Transports in Rockridge. The sales person really looked at my gait and worked hard for the sale. I had him hold the shoes that ended up fitting and then went home to see if I could find them cheaper. I was able to—up to $18 less.  I went back to Transports the next day and told them about the pricing I had uncovered and asked for a discount. They offered 10% and I happily took it. I really wanted to give Transports my business, after their hard work. My new credo: Shop local and bargain. Cool.

I’m grateful for a visit with my sister at her Sukkot celebration. Nice people, nice conversation. I stayed for an hour and I wasn’t obsessing about the food.

davinci.pngI’m grateful for my visit with Rose on Saturday. A few hours at the Tech, looking at the DaVinci exhibit. Wow, those mechanisms and drawings really made me feel dumb. I just don’t see things that way—mechanically. And I am awed that anyone anywhere ever could be so inventive. Genius.

I’m grateful for my relationship with Rose, how it’s grown, how we’ve grown as mother and daughter. There was a miracle in our conversation: Rose had said, in a previous phone call, how she’s thinking about not going to the doctor any more for follow-up; *How am I supposed to be able to afford it?* It was the end of our call and she said she’d talk to me more about it when we met.

I timed my response carefully. As I was pulling into her block to drop her off, I said something like

I’ve been thinking about what you said and I wanted to tell you that I make choices all the time about how I spend my money. Do I go to this doctor? Do I have this test? It’s a big part of what being in charge of and responsible for my own life is all about.

It was a double miracle, actually. #1: I was able to give her a clear and loving I-message without lecturing or giving advice. #2: She listened and didn’t react in any anger. Woohoo. Double woohoo.

I’m grateful for a great lunch at Zatar (my favorite favorite restaurant with the best falafel I have ever tasted.

And for a beautiful ritual Friday night.

I am blessed. Life is good.

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