gratitude monday 1/12

Happy birthday Victoria! Blessed be.

It’s a lovely morning, sky streaked with pink as the just-starting-to-wane moon sets.

Last night’s moonrise was beautiful! We were driving towards the east and she was rising over Mount Diablo. Big fat and lovely.

I am a grateful woman. For the epic dream last night of being taken hostage by some friends on their way to their annual camping trip in upstate NY. Weird. Women and children that I love—my Sacramento family—filling up a van with all their luggage and grabbing me and this man I just met and took us with them. No luggage. Not even a toothbrush. When I woke up from the dream, we had agreed to stop in a WalMart so he and I could be some underwear and a charger for my devices. berkeley fishing pierStressful as the unplanned travel was, I was having a great time. Flirting with this guy. Him flirting right back. The way he integrated into this group of my friends was wonderful. Juicy dream.

I’m grateful for gorgeous sunny warm weather. For taking myself out of my house and for a walk in the bay. In the bay? Into the bay? I walked the length of the Berkeley fishing pier. Felt like walking into the bay, pointing straight at the GG bridge and Mt. Tam. Beautiful sunshine. Boats on the water. Mist at the foot of Mt. Tam. What a beautiful place. I am so blessed to live here.

I’m grateful for time with my sistah, Allen and dad last night. Dinner, time at dad’s house. Barbara and Allen making sure dad’s medications are being handled right. And me searching searching searching for a copy of dad’s lease. To no avail. Too bad. I coulda used that document to help me find out more about that apartment complex. Still trying to get some reimbursement from them for the motor vehicle incident. The jolt from above when the gate crashed down on my car.

I am grateful and inspired by the book I’m reading, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying. It’s so good!

It’s absolutely balmy out. What a beautiful day. I will spend some time outside. Oh yes.

Blessings blessings blessings.

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