Gratitude Monday 11/21

I drove the 100 miles home from Folsom yesterday on a soft cloud of gratitude.

I had the loveliest time visiting with my daughter. We got together to celebrate my birthday and I finally had the opportunity to give her the book I had made for her. A hardcover book called Rose (her name). Full of pictures of her first three or four years of life, pix she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Thought I’d share a few of the 24 pages here.

Sitting across from her watching her face as she paged through the book was powerful and so moving. Serious joy.

Hearing my daughter say “I’ll cherish this forever,” and listening to her admire and acknowledge the work it took. Awesome. Wonderful. Lots of love passed back and forth. I am so blessed!

  • I stand in humble gratitude for the gift of being this woman’s mother. For how far we’ve come and how powerful is the love we share.
  • I am grateful for the journey. For the flow of traffic making my way easy. For the one snarl caused by an accident being a scene with cop cars and a wrecked vehicle but no ambulances.
  • I am grateful for being a maker. For the lovely bowl of my All-Bettah tea that I’m going to give away when we do our Occupy Healing thing next week. I made lovely labels and sewed string to them and attached the labels to the tea bags. Beautiful!
  • I am grateful for warm clothes, heaters that work, good food, good friends, flirtations, love and being loved, reliable technology, wonder, ease, health and strength.

And for the willingness to share my blessings!


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