Gratitude Monday 11/29

Aran sweaterIt’s been a wonderful Thanksgiving season.

I continue to be grateful. For the cold weather (get to wear my Aran sweater every day!) and the amazing sunsets and moonrises we get this time of year. The upside of the dark time.

Speaking of seasons, my own personal Seasonal Affect Disorder started yesterday. Not so much driven by the loss of light. Much more a factor of the day there are no California avocados available at the farmer’s market (which was yesterday). I am now officially depressed! Seasonally, that is.

Sigh. The month or two of Peruvian/Chilean/Mexican avocado hell. Hmm, how can I ever leave California, move to Paris for example? What will I do with this need to have avocados (local, thank you) every day! A challenging conundrum.

I am so grateful for the dance community. I had great fun DJing and dancing Saturday night. As usual, I spent about half of my pay on new music. And then I got to dance with Dexter a bunch (the upside of a sparse attendance)—what a treat!

I am so grateful for time with Jan and Ed to practice t’ai chi sword form. Sunny gorgeous day, practicing in the park. The video is of Professor Cheng Man-Ching, my teacher’s teacher.

I am grateful for the wonderful Thanksgiving gathering and for the new dish I created. Curried cranberries. Delicous!

I’m grateful for work, interesting work.

I’m grateful for cloud backup. I feel so much better now that I’ve signed up for Carbonite’s backup service.

I’m grateful for Belinda’s invitation to see a movie. We saw Fair Game. Good one. Sean Penn is amazing—he is such a good actor! What a horrible story. Kinda like it’s All the President’s Men updated.

I’m grateful grateful grateful. Enjoy the beginning of the 4th quarter moon week. What are you reviewing and planning as we come up to the dark moon in Sagittarius on Sunday?


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