gratitude monday 11/3

It’s Monday morning. I’m so grateful and happy. What a wonderful Samhain/Day of the Dead/birthday weekend.

The viewing of Phantom of the Opera at the Oakland Paramount was fun. What an incredible theater. Reminded me of Radio City. And it’s smaller and more gilded. Very very beautiful.

And Festival of the Bones Saturday night with Ile Orunmila Oshun. Amazing dancing and drumming and music and chanting. Great energy.

I had a birthday party; first time in many years. Thirteen friends came by: hula sisters, witch sisters/brothers, a friend from my 12-step community, one from lindy-hop and one from new-thought spirituality. My worlds overlapping, in a lovely way. I got to know people better and to be in the ebravencard.pngb and flow of the conversation and laughter.

I got up way early (7 am standard time) and cooked for four hours. I did my grill-a-thon, cooking a bunch of meat which I then froze for future use. I roasted brussels sprouts; grilled sweet potato spears and carrots and beets; sautéed chard and tatsoi and mizuna with mushrooms and shallots; and sautéed a bunch of romano beans and snap peas. That was it for the food. Then I had two pitchers of different iced herbal teas and a bottomless pot of hot herbal tea. I did make scrambled eggs with cheese for the two kids who looked at me and the veggies and then back at me as if I were a very peculiar party-giving creature. No chips. No pretzels. No sweets. At least the big people seemed happy with the food. If not, they hid it well. When Sana showed up after an hour or so with a tray of scones and other yummy desserts, everyone (except me and one guest who also is not eating sugar) fell on it with glee.

I am so happy to have been gifted with my friends’ company and their gifts. I especially love the Raven card from Belinda (shown here) and the mermaid journal from Patti, who didn’t even know I collect mermaids! It was a totally lovely day.

I had scheduled the party to run from 1–3. My last two guests left after 6. Great conversation. Great to spend time with people I like so well.

My only regret is that I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do. By the time folks left my birthday party last night, I was done. So I didn’t get to the Mission for the Día de las Muertas altar-building with CAYA and parade. Sad. Resolved: keep that day open next year. Means so much to me.

Here I sit the morning of the last work week before vacation. I am wedded to the idea that there is no stress, there is no rush, and that all is working out just right—as always.

Blessed be!

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