gratitude monday 1/17

What do I do when I hurt? When I am sad? When I am in pain?

Well, after I wallow for a awhile—and luckily that *while* doesn’t last as long as it used to—I remember some things that save me from my own misery. I remember that my thoughts aren’t facts. I remember that these thoughts are not my friends. I remember that I can change what and how I’m thinking. I remember that stepping into gratitude, no matter how challenging that might be, saves my ass every time. Even when the only thing for which I can feel grateful is something like:

  • I’m grateful I’m not having surgery without anesthesia right now, or I’m grateful I’m not naked on a anthill full of fire ants with honey poured all over my body

And really I’m grateful for so much more:

  • There is so much love in my life
  • I am blessed with loving friends and family
  • My needs are met
  • I am fit and healthy
  • I live in a beautiful place
  • The magnolias are starting to bloom already I can feel spring in the air and it’s only January
  • The moon is nearly full in Cancer (full tomorrow), culmination and completion time
  • I am useful and of service I reached out on Freecycle today and got some kombucha starter, easy!
  • I have an ethical mechanic caring for my car

Life is good. I’m lucky. Blessed be!


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