gratitude monday 12/15

Wowowow. Hailstorm and deluges. Nice to wake up to big rains. And to see piles of hailstones on the stairs outside. Bring it! Bring the wet wet rain. I’m sure every leaf of every plant is soaking it up, doing a happy green dance.

Gratitude for weather. Gratitude for storms. Gratitude to be safe and warm and toasty in my bed on a winter morning.

Grateful for the wheel. The solstice is coming in just five days. The light is going going. And then the sun will appear to stand still for a few days, holding still in the darkness. And then, and then, the light will begin to return. Blessed be!

So grateful for this blessed weekend. A wonderful weekend for a solstice slut like me. Full moon ritual Friday. Solstice ritual Saturday. Crone’s Breath meeting Sunday. An abundance of circling. An abundance of blessing. My community grows and overlaps and I am held in the arms of women and the goddess. How lucky is that!

At the solstice ritual we each brought a gift — something we love and are ready to let go — and then had a grab bag divination gift exchange. I gave a shadow box I made a couple of years ago. And received a collage’d box that Brigdhe made. Gave a collaged box, got a collaged box. Interesting. Lovely.

And I got paired up with a witchster for a gift exchange at Yule on Friday. I made a beautiful gift (no details yet; she might read this!) and it’s wrapped and ready to gift.

I’m grateful for time with Rose this weekend. We went to a movie together, shared a meal. Met up successfully with only one of us having a cell phone. Good for us!

I’m grateful for my haircut; for my growing hair looking good. For enjoying the growing of my hair. That’s new. Maybe I’ll make it this time and be a long-haired woman again. Milestone: bought a hair pick; I actually will be combing conditioner through my hair in the shower. That’s new too. And the pick is the only tool I’ll need, until my hair grows long enough to decorate. No hairbrush. Ever.

I’m grateful that my computer was fixable; this morning when I woke up it was dead and seemingly impossible to awaken. Scary! I’m grateful for Mac tech support.

Life is good; it’s Monday and I’m happily present for my day. Blessed be.

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