gratitude monday 12/17

I am grateful grateful grateful. Grateful to live and learn. Grateful for being sober. Grateful for still being sober this morning after a weekend of high levels of self-pity, touchiness and other oh-so-attractive states. I am grateful to know how to handle myself. The best techniques are the mortifying ones. I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’m feeling neglected? Okay then: The recipe I’m using is one part prayer for the people who dared to exclude me mixed with an extra helping of generosity. As in giving dollars wrapped in good wishes to street people.

I’m grateful for Rabbit’s counsel. For how completely she listens, for her compassion and her sense of humor. And her advice.

I’m grateful I could pick up the phone and make outreach calls. A barometer of the pain I was feeling; I don’t make these calls easily. I’m so grateful for responsive friends.

I’m grateful for Yule, for the return of the light. For my powerful solitary ritual.

I’m grateful to have gotten back to the gym on Friday and Saturday. It was wonderful to be in movement again. And to be back out dancing. I had a wonderful time at FNB.

I’m grateful for movies. Saw Michael Clayton and Juno this weekend. Clayton was good; Juno was great. I especially liked the music in Juno; original, pert and pertinent. Nice to go to the movies with my niece. Nice to spend time with her; the two women who love women in our family. Bonding.

I am grateful for winter light and bluest skies. I’m grateful for cool weather and for warm layers of clothing.

I’m grateful for tea with Evette yesterday. And for her reaction to my confession of feeling sorry for myself. She started singing “Are you having any fun?” which I have just downloaded and have been singing to myself. I mean really, Sue. Get over yourself. (If I could figure out how to upload the song here I would; I probably have to change its format from iTunes-protected—later for that.)

I’m pleased and grateful to have done service at two 12step meetings yesterday. I’m grateful to have deposited money in the bank. To have money coming in.  May it be fruitful and multiply multiply multiply. I’m grateful to give and to give some more.

I’m grateful for a Monday where I will likely receive no business phone calls. I envision my present and future clients out and about thinking about their holiday. May all be very very merry.

And so it is!

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  1. I am impressed by what I take in as your amazing range to be in a variety of emmotional states at the same time and to read about your responses to them, reaching out, generosity, doing service. It was a blessing to hear you come on the BDA phone line on Sunday and hear you share. Your recovery has and continues to inspire me to grow. You give me so much hope. Merry Christmas. I love you.

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