gratitude monday 12/17

I’m grateful that I don’t feel worse! That my temperature isn’t higher than 101º. That I’m home and able to take care of myself-ish.

I’m grateful that I know this will pass. That I know that it’s my job to rest and recuperate.

I’m grateful that I knew enough to clear my schedule yesterday and rest rest rest.

I’m grateful I called the ministry of prayer yesterday when I was feeling particularly low about being sick. And got me a lovely prayer for myself to help dissolve my fear and resignation.

I’m grateful that I am connected to my community of wiccan women, that I am reading and studying and deepening my commitment.

I’m grateful that I got my blog settings somewhere I can live with for now. Time to stop obsessing about how it looks and just write my grats. Keepin’ it simple.

I’m grateful for my new coaching client. Lovely.

I’m grateful for reading Haven Kimmel’s second memoir; laughing out loud while reading—that’s joy.

I’m grateful for going to the ballet with Heather, although I slept through the first act and I’m sure it’s where I got infected by this cold/flu. I’m grateful that I know I’m too lowbrow for ballet. I felt like Fonzie at a white glove event. Now I know.

I’m grateful for Peggy’s birthday party, nice to be included. She’s a lovely woman. And has some nice friends. Lovely energy there. Sorry I was only able to stay for an hour. It was a busy night.

I’m grateful for my dance class and my private lesson with Damon. And for DJing and dancing. I had a great time. Sigh, the last few hours before I got struck down by this bug. I remember those hours of freedom and ease fondly. :- )

I’m grateful for knowing that whatever happens to my plans, all will be well. So I might not get all the holiday gifts made. Oh well.

I’m grateful to be grateful.

And for knowing that the perfect law of the universe includes god’s perfect health everywhere I look. That there is no dis-ease. That all is already well. I am so grateful to know that the vitality of the universe is everywhere, everywhere without and within. And I release this knowing into the perfect action of this perfect universe. I let go and I let god. And so it is.

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