gratitude monday 12/29

Wow. This year is almost pau! (Pau: Done. Completed. The end.) Amazing.

I am so grateful to be alive and healthy and fit. And blessed with loving friends and family.

Gratitude mixed with mortification: Got a reduced-price senior’s movie ticket without asking for it the other day. I am not 62 years old! The idea that I look that old to someone was hard to swallow. I choose to believe he gave it to me just to be nice, as the ticket machine was broken and there was a delay getting served. Or maybe I’m getting paid back for all the times I asked for the discount when I don’t really qualify for it. Whatever. Mortification. Ick.

I’m grateful for these words coming out of my mouth: Why don’t I come and pick you up? Following being told that Rose’s car was messed up and she couldn’t drive up to my sister’s for our Chanukah gathering. Unprecedented. For me to volunteer to drive for nearly two hours. I really wanted to see my kid. And I got that opportunity, just by driving to pick her up. And she took BART home.

I’m grateful for the warm feeling of gifts given and happy smiles. And gifts received. A lovely pendant from my sister and Allen and a beautiful scarf from Matt and Anna. And cash from dad.

I’m grateful for my movie orgy. In the last two weeks or so, I have seen

Slumdog Millionaire
Cadillac Records
Rachel Getting Married
Happy Go Lucky
Marley and Me
Yes Man
Four Christmases
Nothing Like the Holidays
A Christmas Tale

Jeez! A veritable film orgy. And my pick for best film of the season (drumroll): Slumdog Millionaire. Brilliant. Yes, too much violence in the first half hour, but totally satisfyingly wonderful after that. Well done!

I am completely grateful for loving my friends and my social life. Enjoying the invitations I have and letting people know how much I cherish and appreciate them. It is a recent change that this is so. How lovely not to be agonizing over the invitations I don’t have and scorning the ones I do. Phew.

Life is good and I am blessed.

Blessings blessings blessings.

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  1. I am envious of your movie orgy! I did manage to pick myself up and go see Marley and Me last night by myself. I don’t remember ever crying in public like that before. Total sobbing. Marley and my dog Gunner died from the same cause. Total bummer of a night. My mother wanted me to see Rachel Getting Married. She said SHE cried through that one because it hit too close to home. Now why would I want to go and do that bawling thing all over again? Nope. I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD!
    Someday I will see you again. Seems like forever. Not this weekend, but the next, Manea is going to pull a name out of the hat for the Wicked ticket. I cannot wait to find out who’s going with me!!!!
    loves you much,

  2. I sobbed like that a million years ago when I saw Kiss of the Spider Woman. Just collapsed in grief outside the theater. I wept at Marley too (and I’ve never had a dog die on me).

    Rachel Getting Married
    is amazing—great depiction of addiction and what it does to the family. Anne Hathaway did a great job!

    I know it’s too long, these separations of ours. Next week!

    I am doing a spell for Manea to pick my name and my name only from the hat!

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