Gratitude Monday 1/30

I am so grateful! What a beautiful Monday morning. I’m up and dressed. I’m wearing the Double Time watch (I have it set to local time and Pele time) and the new tshirt I got when I exchanged a Yule gift yesterday. Well, the exchange plus $18. It’s been a long time since I had something to wind and that ticks when I hold it to my ear. Nice! The Candle holders from this weekend’s rituals are cleaned (de-waxed) and put away. Actually the whole basket of altar decorations is unpacked and put away. The scarf I used for a table decoration has even had the wax ironed out of it. I’ve begun my altar alterations. Creating a distinct altar for Pele and one for Brighde and one for Oshun. I have never worked with a goddess of pleasure before and I think it’s about time!!!

The graphic designer in me is so happy. I discovered how to make a creditable CMYK gold that looks more like gold and less like baby diarrhea. Hooray! And it looked good printed out too. This is a very big deal!

I’m so grateful for the rituals this weekend. For writing and delivering the astro report. For being asked to drum. For honoring Sunna, the sun, at the midpoint between winter and summer. And for being asked to invoke ancestors, of blood, of family of choice, of community. For drumming again. For creating altars and takeaways. Our takeaways included luck envelopes (in honor of the Lunar New Year). And Rowan (my partner in all things takeaway and altar) and I took the leftover lucky envelopes and luck-bombed Alameda yesterday. We took a 3+ mile walk and tied lucky envelopes to trees and fences all along our walk. Powerful magic!

I’m grateful that my house gets cleaned today, deeper and more thoroughly than the cleaning I do myself. And finally I am insanely grateful that my intestinal distress (diarrhea every day since November 3rd) is finally beginning to change. Hallelujah! Love and bright blessings to all.  

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