gratitude monday 1/7

I am so happy! So grateful for the moments of new-gadget ecstasy this weekend. For my bravery and my competence. For the things I have accomplished. I have installed software. I have removed and installed RAM! I have gotten my new computer to see my laptop and my laptop to see my new iMac computer on the network! I have upgraded the iMac to the new Leopard OS and it works! And I love it. I moved backup disks to the iMac and set up a backup scheme. I have moved fonts to the iMac. I feel like I’ve earned at least three merit badges. I am really really amazed with myself. Mac genius in the house! I am wicked proud of myself.

I am so grateul for the sheer beauty of this new computer and OS; it really thrills me.

I am grateful for safe travels during the wild weather this weekend. For my reliable car.

I am grateful to have completed the RFP for the city of Oakland and delivered it on Friday. Complete! And I have a firm definite vision of being awarded this contract. It’s coming!

I am grateful to have found a nifty, black, thin mat to put in my doorway to stand on in wet shoes. This mat actually fits under my door when it opens. And I can remove my shoes and keep from tracking dark muddy footprints all over my beautiful blond bamboo floors. Hooray for Bed Bath and Beyond.

I am grateful to get back to the farmer’s market—hadn’t been since Christmas. Grateful for fresh local produce.

I’m grateful for the drum circle Friday night with my pagan community. And for getting to work with Rabbit in one of the exercises. She gave me a very useful tool that’s working nicely for me, to focus my energy in my lower back when I’m feeling that *what am I doing here? why am I here?* dismay. I used it when out dancing and was able to settle into being exactly where I was in that moment.

I’m grateful for hula practice yesterday. Love my hula sisters.

I’m grateful for Andrew’s help installing my shelf and for our dinner together at a Thai restaurant.

And I’m grateful for running a business meeting consistent with my commitments. I relaxed into *the chair has no vote* and let go of how things turned out. I lost it a couple of times, lightly. Told Mike to *shut up* and someone else to *bite me*. Oops. Immediately apologized.

And here’s the big one of the weekend: In Rev E’s talk yesterday she said something about how having a Plan B dilutes intention and vision. How is the universe going to support my vision of prosperity and abundance when I’m planning what I’ll do when I run out of money? Oh yeah! I am a big Plan B’er. And I hereby renounce giving any energy to Plan B. I’m done. I commit myself 100% to my fabulous abundant juicy prosperous visions. And so it is!

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  1. I got a little behind in my reading, but I am with you. Thanks for the plan B stuff. I dismiss plan B thoughts. I am excited about moving forward with you as my coach in what is now less than a week. You have transcended from computer geek to computer guru. WTG.

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