Gratitude Monday 2/14

A day to celebrate Love. They say. I say every day is a day to celebrate Love. Something I’m trying to remember, to offset the tendency in my life to operate from a space of grim duty.

Yes, please, may I have some more joy? I’ll take another helping of juicy unstructured rapacious lustful funny smiling joy. Thank you.

Lots of joy this past weekend.

Saturday was double art exploration day with Rowan.

Journey #1: Off we went to Sibley Volcanic Park to hunt for lava. Of course, being with my cherished Rowan, she who embraces chaos, we did part of our walk off-trail, scrambling down a mountainside, snagging my brand-new consignment-store find Eileen Fisher openweave sweater on branches. I rose to the occasion, we both pulled out our iPhone compasses, so I knew we weren’t walking around in circles. We stayed heading northwest-ish, and eventually found the trail again. So out of my usual way of going! I loved it.

And we found lots of lava rock for our Pele niche altar. Before we took any, I made an offering to Pele and her volcanic sisters for the gift of their lava.

Found out later, from Ladybug, that there are labyrinths at Sibley, which we missed altogether. Next time! Here’s an article about one of the labyrinths. Oh there are four labyrinths, check this piece out.

Looks like another trip to Sibley is on the horizon, simply to find one or more of these magical places!

Journey #2: We turned around and zoomed to Baker Beach, to get what we need to complete our Yemaya altar niche. A jar full of ocean. Some feathers, ribbon-y seaweed, some rocks. Thank you Yemaya and your sisters for sharing with us so we can honor you in our artwork.

A beautiful day in the hills and on the shore.

And to cap it, DJing and dancing blues that night. Lovely!

Sunday was quiet. A lovely visit with Ladybug, Webster and Avery, who climbed on my lap with a Dr. Seuss book. Nice! And the gym, and cooking, and tv, and social networking.

Gratitude gratitude gratitude. I am grateful to be a grateful woman!

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