gratitude monday 2/4

Sunshine, I’m grateful. Grateful to be alive and uninjured, honestly. My bedside lamp cracked at the base and fell over on my pillow right next to my sleepy head. Right. Next. To. My. Head. A metal lamp, got some weight to it. Way to wake up in the morning. I am grateful not to be bumped or bleeding. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am grateful for this vacation at home I’ve given myself. I do have work to do and commitments; I’m taking a break from sales and networking and giving myself time to rest.  Nice.

I’m so grateful to hear that the city of Oakland is calling my vendors and that the RFP is proceeding. I have a clear vision of doing great work for the city and getting this contract and having wonderful success with it. And so it is!

I’m grateful that my low isolative day on Saturday lasted just one day. I was exhausted. It was rainy windy and cold and I just couldn’t do anything! Rose canceled our time together; I canceled dinner with dad. I did manage to put some gas in my car and go to the gym and to the produce store. That was it. I cooked, ate well and watched boatloads of tv and played a lot of online scrabble. To quote my well missed old friend Susan (dead a few years now): Some days it just be’s like this. I hadn’t had a day like that in a long time, and I felt guilty about bailing on dad.

I apologized to my dad twice and had a better day yesterday. Active. The sunshine helped. Went to my place of worship. Bought beautiful fresh herbal teas at Lhasa Karnak. Had an hour with my sister, practicing qi gong. Went to my AA meeting and went dancing. A full and juicy day.

Life is good; all is well. Blessed be.

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