Gratitude Monday 3/14

First things first: Acknowledgment.

This blog is expanding. It’s more than simply a journal of gratitude reflections. It’s also a design  / branding / coaching / business development blog. Today’s post is all about gratitude. The next one will be a biz dev / design post. And so…this is how I roll. Glad you could join me.

So, here we go. It’s mid-month of March, and I’m still celebrating my twenty years being clean and sober this month. I’m still sober. I still go to meetings 3–4 times a week. If I’m not exactly “match[ing] calamity with serenity,” (from the AA Big Book page 68), at least I am aware of my tendency to see calamity and raise to catastrophe. Not only aware, but taking my ass to a meeting and fessing up to the sad state of affairs in my little mind. Amazing how petty and small-minded I can be.

I’m grateful for the sober sayings that I’ve heard enough, over and over and over again, that keep me from isolating when things are calamitous. So the Check Engine light comes on again. After the most recent $1,247 service. I freak out. I feel like a stupid loser. I wonder and wonder and wonder some more if I’m being duped and taken advantage of as a woman car service–buyer. I was headed to an AA meeting and now I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna reveal these petty thoughts; I should be a much more improved person by now!

What do I hear in my head? Three things:

You can’t save your ass and your face at the same time.

When your ass falls off, put it in a paper bag and take it to a meeting.

There are only two times to go to a meeting: When you wanna and when you don’t wanna.

And so I went. And told the truth. And lightened up.

Left a detailed message on my mechanic’s voicemail, explaining the exact circumstances of the moment the light came on.

He called me back before 8:30 this morning and said he will take care of the repair, that it falls under his warranty (two years, 24,000 miles)! That lifted my mood.

Then at 1:30 he told me he has found a vapor leak and might need to keep the car overnight and will take care of a rental for me!! Double mood lift. I love this guy!

I am also grateful for this:

Fresh California asparagus lightly grilled—yay for Spring!

Barney’s burgers and sweet potato fries

My witch-ster Ladybug and our travels and journeys together

Spending time with Kismet in the hospital over the weekend, loving her as she heals from her surgeries

The exciting launch of Tresendas, the social network for travelers I’ve branded and designed (more about this in the next post)

My sister Barbara

My daughter Rose


Serenity (yes I do have moments of calm acceptance)

My car, my wonderful reliable completely fixed car



Spring in Calfiornia

Growing food from seed (she wrote, looking over to the left at the seedlings sprouting indoors: chard, kale, spinach, tatsoi, mizuna)

Life is so so so good!


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