gratitude monday 3/2

Sometimes happiness feels like relief. I am awash with happiness and joy that comes from relief.

Saturday was our family gathering to celebrate Rose’s 22nd b’day. We were meeting at a restaurant in Walnut Creek, an Italian restaurant—new to Rose and me—Italian by her request.

As I do, I called her earlier in the day to confirm where and when we would meet. Rose and Gus no longer have cell phones. At the appointed time, dad and his girlfriend and Barbara and Allen and I were sitting in the restaurant. Fifteen or so minutes later, I pull out my cell phone to check the time and see a voicemail. From an unknown area code. Uh oh must be a pay phone. It was. R&G couldn’t find the restaurant. Were about eight blocks down the street on South Main instead of North Main—she clearly didn’t have the address right or didn’t get the North Main/South Main thing.

On the voicemail she said she didn’t know what to do and that she didn’t have any more money for pay phones.

I didn’t know what to do so I took action and started walking down the street toward where she was when she called. Looking into every car. Calling on the goddess to direct my daughter to make her way clear to find us to inspire her to keep looking, to ask someone for help.

I got very sad and left a voicemail on Rose’s home phone saying how I wish it had turned out better.

I was a few steps from the door to the restaurant and I looked across the street at this beautiful young woman who looked kinda like Rose but had shorter hair and I wished I was looking at my daughter. And then she started to cross the street and it was Rose with a beautiful shorter new haircut!

They didn’t give up. They persisted and they found us. Relief.

And I showered her with kisses; she was relieved I wasn’t angry. Her relief…

We had a lovely dinner and time together.

She’s looking into school again. She’s taking care of herself and finding her path. I enjoy her and I’m loving the woman she is and is becoming.

I am still basking in the happiness of Saturday evening with my family.

Also grateful for:

tax prep done
hula practice
time alone with the Sunday papers
my 18th clean and sober anniversary yesterday
a quilting workshop and a brief visit with Brighde
the pile of filing tackled

Life is so good!

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