gratitude monday 4/27

It’s a beautiful chilly cloudy late-April morning. The late cold snap has been so enjoyable. I’d much prefer to be in socks and fleece than languishing in the heat.

I’m grateful for my weekend. Lots of activity and then a quiet-ish stay-at-home day.

Got to play poker Friday night. Socializing with new people. Lost $7; had much fun.

Met with Raven-J and Maenam Saturday; doing all kinds of witchy planning for Beltane and Pagan Pride. Then walked around the farmer’s market and the earth day vendors. A gorgeous day.

Dinner with dad and Allen; it’s so much easier when it’s not just me and my father. At least there’s conversation.

Yesterday was my one-day cleanse. Master Cleanser and some pureed veggie soup. It was challenging; I ended up with a big headache. Feeling bettah this morning. Phew. It was so nice to let go of chewing for a day. I’ve been compulsively chewing hard candies and pieces of cinnamon. Enough already!

Prayers continue for Rose, who’s having a tough time with her car. And for Ladybug who’s four or five days past her due date. And Kay, who’s struggling with a cold. And Kismet, who’s been sick too. Blessings blessings blessings!

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