Gratitude Monday 4/4

It’s Monday. The sun is shining… The weather is beautiful.

The veggies are sprouting in the garden.

I can’t believe this, but I’m feeding kitchen scraps to the chickens. Whoa! I’m from Brooklyn, and I’m eating just laid eggs from the chickens that live here and standing in the middle of a herd(?) of chickens as they eat the veggie scraps from my kitchen. Really? Wow.

I’ve had a pretty amazing weekend, considering this very painful ear infection.

Performed the Shim Sham for my CAYA peeps on Friday. Went really well! Fun.

Worked all day with the Tresendas team, revamping the design and functionality. A rare event, since we all work virtually, to have us in the same room. Powerful!

I’m grateful for my health, for the knowing how lucky I am to be alive and strong and present. I’m grateful for being spunky, for resilience, for connection, for mattering.

I am grateful to know I have a legacy and it’s a good one!

I’m grateful for working technology and how engaged I am.

I’m grateful to be of service.

Life is good!

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  1. I’m grateful for my blooming readings practice! And for my partner and our son, vowing and learnin so much everyday. I’m grateful for balance, specifically for attending two parties and still getting the baby enough sleep. I’m grateful for my health and strength and for the miracle of being able to nurse my baby. I’m grateful to have a place to share all of this. Life _is_ good!

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