gratitude monday 4/6

wedding broom

I am alive in the swirl of life and growth and potential. I love springtime!

I took a lot of time — Thursday night (skipped hula class) and much of Friday day — to create a blessing and wedding broom for Heidi and Jeff’s wedding. I am so grateful for this opportunity to do public priestessing. How wonderful!

It was a Chinese wedding celebration, so I knew I wanted to stay with red and gold. And daffodils are Heidi’s favorite flower. Easy choices.

I’ve never made a wedding broom before; what a lovely way to celebrate sweeping away the old and leaping into a new life together!

I acknowledged Victoria and Brighde for the part they played in my feeling unleashed to a new level of creativity since we did our Crone’s Breath quiltmaking workshop. I am much more fearless and excited about piecing things together!

I’m grateful for this beautiful amazing weekend. I’m sore from all the digging and soil amending I did. My little 6×6′ garden plot is amended and my chard and snap peas seeds are sown; my kale and gotu kola seedlings are planted; and the sampler of seedlings from the seeds Raven gave me are all in the dirt.

Plus I planted an artichoke, some marigolds (will have plenty of Day of the Dead flowers in the fall), peppermint and lemon balm. And ordered some tatsoi and mizuna seeds. Woohoo! I am a gardener of edibles.

I am getting to know my neighbors Kris and Melanie better. We went to Annie’s Annuals and a hardware store together, in search of seedlings and seeds. They are generously mentoring me out of my elementary Brooklyn-girl-digging-in-the-dirt cluelessness. Thank goodness!

I decided not to worry about my garden. It’s a witch’s garden and I planted the seeds with love and a spell. And what will grow and bear will grow and bear. The rest…not my business.

I’m grateful for my face time with friends this weekend. Hours with Victoria, being the happy recipient of lots of fabric pieces. We got through black/white, blue and green. Another visit to be scheduled to go through red, orange, yellow and violet. I now have to figure out a way to store this substantial stash. And dinner and a movie with Maenam. So happy to have these women in my life.

And to cap off an amazing weekend, a rigorous hula practice. I finally found ‘ili’ili (stones that are used as castanets) that fit my hands so that I can actually turn my wrists and click them better. I only dropped one once yesterday! A distinct improvement.

Breaking news: My hula class—all the classes in my halau (school)—will be performing at the Palace of Fine Arts the weekend of October 24/25. Save the date, my friends; I’ll be selling tickets!

Blessed be!

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