gratitude monday 5/12

Monday morning. Sunshine. Birdsong. Helicopters. Late spring/early summer in west Oakland.

I am all about food (as usual). Had a consult with my nutrition doctor and am changing up what I’m eating, adding more variety. More raw foods. I did sosososososo much food prep this weekend. More than usual. Prepped raw carrots. Raw radishes. Raw kale(!). Raw orange cauliflower. Put them all in separate containers in the fridge so I can mix up the combos in my daily salad. Seems like I need more crunch and more raw fiber. And not the same same same food every day. Okay. I’m willing. I’m willing and it’s summer and I’m grateful to be willing.

Stone fruit is coming in! There are cherries and apricots and white peaches and even blueberries in my fridge. After a month or more of no fruit, I have fruit back in my life. So far so good.

I’m still not eating any grains. And I’ve changed up how and when I take digestive enzymes and other supplements that support (I hope) digestion. The never-ending experiment.I had wonderful times with people I love this weekend. A visit and a gift from my daughter on mother’s day. A lavender plant. A visit with my sister, exchanging the stuff we purchased for each other: she got my avocados and I got her apricots. And I picked up her remedies from our nutrition guy.

Tea with DP, someone I knew when I was in Arica, was wonderful. I started to call him an old friend; truth is I was never his friend back then. We may be becoming friends now. It’s very interesting to have this experience with him. A gift.The pagan fest was lovely. Many of my witch sisters were there. I bought myself a lovely open-panel skirt made of old sari silks. Something flowy and wonderful to wear.I had a second—and sadly, last—date with J at the pagan fest. She “isn’t ready to have a girlfriend who eats so much meat.” She gets to choose her criteria, of course. Too bad she wasn’t open to a little negotiation. Oh well. Blessed be.

I went dancing Saturday night. Found myself at the Verdi Club doing a little lindy hop and balboa to live Stompy Jones music. Fun. Parked up a giant giant hill on Mariposa. Hard walking down, harder than up, in fact. I wonder what kind of shape I’d be in if I lived on one of those hills.

And movie night at Andrew’s was fabulous. Pride and Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I loved him in MI-5 and he was absolutely fabulous in P&P. I had never seen Keira Knightley before. I don’t like her. I alternated between watching her limited facial expressions (obsessing about the idea that she was having cocaine lip freezes) and wondering at her posture (I have never seen anyone’s shoulders so far back). The ending was perfectly romantic and lovely.

I am at the beginning of a week packed with work and fun. I am envisioning my daughter’s health and recovery. I am envisioning my own. I declare peace, joy and transcendent incandescent happiness and love. For all. Blessed be.

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