gratitude monday 5/2

Beltane! May is here. Spring spring spring.

Everyone is gardening. Fresh dirt everywhere. I hear there’s a recent UC Davis survey that says that handling soil while gardening with your bare hands actually increases the amount of oxytocin (a naturally occurring drug the brain releases during sex, child-birth and laughter).  Yes I am so grateful to know the joy of gardening.

This year I’ve changed up the greens mix. I think I now have five varieties of kale growing. And a few kinds of chard. And some new stuff: I found specially bred cut-and-come-again beet greens and broccoli. Fits the way I grow and eat. I like my greens tender (small). I’ve been cutting and coming again with kale and chard and tatsoi and mizuna for years. Now I’ve added the beet greens and broccoli and collards and spinach. It’s a teeny jungle of greens.

I’m grateful for a beautiful Beltane ritual Friday night. For being one of the altarists in my coven, and one of the makers of the takeaways. This time we made beautiful hairclips (or lapel clips) of silk flowers and feathers. Lush and lovely. Symbolizing pleasure love and passion: the symbols of the season.

I’m grateful for the contrast of Beltane’s lush openness with the quiet internality of the dark moon. Tonight is the New Moon in Taurus. I’ve been doing my dark moon cleanse for the last few days. Eating just fruits and veggies, turning a bit more mindfulness to what I eat and how.

I am grateful for

my sister
my daughter
my friends
Avery’s second birthday party; being considered part of his family
great results on my routine blood test: yes I am a post-menopausal poster child for cholesterol and triglycerides
good food
frugal abundance
exquisite self-care

Life is good. Blessings abound! Enjoy the spring…


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