gratitude monday 5/5

I am grateful this morning. It’s cool. It’s early. Internet is working. Technology is doing what I need.

I survived 12+ hours of no internet Friday and I didn’t lose my balance. I didn’t yell at anyone. Okay, I admit it: I probably made a few too many calls to Comcast to check status. Otherwise I did really really really well. When I was talking about the episode with Rose, she acknowledged that I handle these things differently now. And we laughed over it. I said that I could have gotten all bent out of shape and yelled at support people on the phone and the outage would have taken twelve hours. Or I could have moved through my day with ease and grace and it would have taken twelve hours. How nice to know this and to have the ability to transcend my disempowering thrown-to ways of being. I am not channeling my mother’s rage 24/7 any more!

I had a wonderful spring weekend. Good cool weather. Beltane ritual with CAYA. Fires going. Singing. Dancing. Drumming. I am using Rose’s kid’s djembe. It’s light and the sound is satisfactory. I have a drum that works!

Dancing Friday and Saturday nights. Seeing Tina, dancing to her tunes. Wonderful dances. Conversation.

Took my daughter to see Iron Man. A perfectly satisfactory action movie. Downey is just wonderful. Jeff Bridges was amazing too.

Did my new moon rosh chodesh tarot reading. I’m getting some sense of the cards under my belt. Between the readings and studying, it’s starting to penetrate. I love this work!

Had an impromptu dinner with my sister and dad and Allen. A good dinner. Good company. And an opportunity to postpone cleaning my grill! Woohoo.

Did some work for my witch sisters, created a phone list and arranged for our dinner out.

And had a first date with J. It was lovely. Dinner and conversation. There is nice possibility here. Blessed be!

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