gratitude monday 6/15

Dreams and memories of Lansman’s and the Main House. I bet I’m one of a very very very small group of people who remember that building. I must have been nine or ten—eleven tops—when it burned down. I remember it vividly. My Grandma Mary (my dad’s mother) stayed there. It was (in my memory) a three-story rooming house with a gigantic kitchen. In my mind’s eye it had a ginormous stove (like a six-burner church stove).

Wonder why I’m having these memories now.

I’m grateful that the 2:30 am mosquito wars only lasted about 45 minutes. After two bites to the orbit of my eye and one to the flesh on my arm, I lay awake with the light on until the mosquito came out of hiding enough for me to kill it.

Can’t help but wish I wasn’t a mosquito-killer. I would love to never kill any living creature. But then there are mosquitos. And ants in my home. Guess I’m no Buddhist.

I’m grateful for my sister’s smiles. I enjoy my time with her.

I’m grateful for my date with my niece—we saw the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 remake. I was surprised by Travolta. He was rivetingly good. Never thought I would say that about a performance of his. Denzel was as always amazing.

Also took myself to see the new Eddie Murphy movie. Double meh.

I’m grateful for eating the first three snap peas from my garden yesterday. Wow! I am predicting that they will never make it from the garden, up the stairs and into the pan. Unless a whole bunch are ready to pick at once, they are gonna be eaten out of hand.

Met with Raven and Rabbit to plan how my body will be handled after my death. Sobering discussion. Very interesting to take this on. An empowered death…

I’m a grateful gal. Blessed be.

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