gratitude monday 6/16

I am grateful! I am connected to community. I am supportive and supporting. I am blessed. I am living a life I could never even dream.

Quarterly taxes are paid and invoices are sent. My financial life is current.

I am still in a mysterious cycle of severe belly symptoms and then no belly symptoms. And I’m grateful for every single moment of ease.

I am grateful for my workouts.

I’m grateful that Una, my friend at the gym, gave me a cue that allows me to do my hula steps with less pain in my hips. A posture correction. Simple but not not easy. Mortifying, actually, that a kegel and abdominal contraction combined with a pelvic tilt helps reduce the pain and strain. Mortifying—after so many years of core training—that I don’t know this or do it naturally. Oh well, I’m practicing it now! Reducing pain is a big incentive.

Liberation from fear! On Saturday, I put fabric in a sewing machine for the first time in 30 years. With the support of my hula sisters I sewed seams for my ho’ike costume. Holle and Amy and I measured and cut and pinned and I cut and sewed and I feel so accomplished! Wow. I am grateful I was willing to try. Willing to step out of thinking *I can’t do this.*

I’m grateful for calls to and from my daughter. For being able to listen to her complain about something without trying to fix it. For calling her back to complete conversations. For loving her and for knowing how much she loves me.

I’m grateful for my meeting with Rabbit. For checking in around my progress as a priestess initiate. For this work and for this community. For all I’m learning.

I’m grateful I took my dad out to dinner. Father’s Day with dad.

And for fun, I’m grateful for the new Grisham novel. He’s a good plotter.

I am whole. I am blessed. Life is wonderful. Blessed be.

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