Gratitude Monday 6/28

Whoa. Morning gratitude.

I am crazy grateful for this wonderful weekend.

  • The park full of beautiful women at Dyke March on Saturday in the gorgeous sunshine. Or is that gorgeous women in beautiful sunshine. Either way. Both…
  • The radiant health with which I am blessed and my commitment to affirm this with every breath.
  • The successful expedition to Brendan Lai’s martial arts supplies for new t’ai chi shoes.
  • How easy it is to find things with the maps feature on my iPhone
  • How well iPhone OS4 is working for me…I am having none of the problems with it I read others are having. The update took less than 30 minutes; the phone hasn’t slowed down at all.
  • Doing my personal finances on the phone. No more little notepads or check registers adding weight to my purse.
  • Travel plans. They seem to take a long time yet they’re so much fun! Tried to book three trains last night. Got one done successfully, one punked out mid e-Commerce transaction and one needs a bit more decision time.
  • Question of the day: Do I leave Paris at 11:45 am and get to Avignon before 3, allowing plenty o’time to find the car, get the car, pick up some snacks if I find any, and find my way to Mas Destonge, my gorgeous for the next eight nights in Roussillon? This plan means I either have to scrounge a takeout lunch to bring with me on the train or make do with what’s in the dining car. Or do I leave at 1:15, after I’ve eaten some lunch, arrive in Avignon at 4pm, and make my way to Mas Destonge before dark? I’ve even looked up sunset tables…(of course I did!) On that date, sunset is 7:51 pm in Paris. Suggestions?
  • I am also stunned by the amazing power of rolling-on-the-floor laughter. Visited with Ladybug and Rowan and Zo last night and Ladybug started singing a parody of my self-blessing song. I know, you hadda be there, but oh my gosh, I was laughing long hard and helplessly. Actually on my back on the floor waving my legs in the air. May there be many more moments like that one!!

I am blessed, I embrace this day. May I be of service, useful and insanely prosperous. And may this extend to all… Blessed be!

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