gratitude monday 6/29

I am so grateful for helpful Twitterers. Really. I needed to know how to add sharing to this blog and I asked someone and now it’s done. If a reader (you?) clicks on the Comments link, you will find a button for sharing in Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Del.icious, Google…

So share! Share any post that motivates you. Thanks in advance.

I am so grateful for a wonderful weekend.

Visited with dad last night. Brought take-out dinner with me…We watched the Mets-Yankees game (the Yankees swept, nice; Dad’s a Mets fan—not so nice for him). I was glad he liked his dinner—I always feel weird about picking out food for him. The brisket, mashed potatoes and veggies went over well. Good job, Whole Foods.

And visited with my daughter in the morning. A 10am movie—Up—with Rose and Gus. It was great fun. And then we had a small lunch together. Glad I got to see my beloved daughter.

In between, I gardened. Yanked up tough, too-mature, tatsoi and mizuna plants and planted some seeds in their place. Harvested more snap peas. YUM!

And I did a stint of death research. Found out some of the Jewish customs—what is done with the body after death. So interesting. What I’ve found that resonates with me is anointing with oils, washing (wonder why it’s done in that order; think I’ll ask for it to be reversed), and then dressing the body in cotton/linen/muslin garments. I’ll ask for my red cord to be around my belly. And maybe my priestess crown and ring and wand to go with me to the fire. Lots of food for thought. Sobering. Really really sobering work. Crone’s work.

Saturday—a two–farmer’s markets morning. Picked up the next month’s worth of herbs. Then went and learned how to make lavender wands with Raven, Maenam and Sarah. Promptly gave my wand away to Shari as a gift later that day. I want to make more of them, I think there’s plenty of lavender here to pick. I’ll buy some skinny ribbon this week.

Tried to go to the Dyke March. Couldn’t park anywhere (well, I could have for $20; chose not to—duh). Drove around for an hour, enjoyed the spectacle. Avoided the crowds. Took the opportunity to go to Clothes Contact and buy $8 worth of by-the-pound scarves to wear in my hair, around my neck, around my hips. I love that store!

And had an evening with Shari and Hannah, Ben, Jesse (the triplets I’ve known since they were born; they’re now eleven). Carol and Shirley, Shari’s friend, were there too. Dinner, singing, a little hula. Lovely company.

I am blessed. I am of service. I embrace the week. Rock on!

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