gratitude monday 6/30

The last day of June. The calendar year 2008 half over. Wow. Ended the work week with two coaching calls. I love my coaching clients.

And dinner with my dad and B&C and old family friends. A woman dad knew since he was 19 or 20. They were at each other’s weddings. She and dad have both lost their longtime spouses. And her son and his wife. Barry just turned 60.

Saturday was a lazy day. I decided to pass on the dyke march as I was feeling crowd-phobic and like the parade would be too stressful on me with the intensity of belly symptoms I’ve been having lately. I slept in until 11. And then Rowan postponed the pa’u printing and I was set free to move slowly and enjoy my day.

I saw Wall*E. Brilliant. Completely enjoyable. I just found a bunch of vignettes that weren’t in the movie. Way fun.

I went dancing Friday and Saturday nights. Good good good! Needed to get my blues on.

And I had a frying pan epiphany. I dropped $65 at Bed Bath and Beyond on a new Calphalon stainless steel frying pan because I couldn’t find a way to clean my beloved black steel frying pan effectively. I brought that pan from New York in 1994; I have no ideal how long I have owned it. And it had hard-crusted gunk on it then. I have never been able to clean it so I gave up and bought a new pan. I don’t like the way it heated or the way it cleaned up so I tried the last thing I could think of and put my black steel pan in the oven and ran an oven-clean cycle. Presto it is completely 100% gunk-free. And BB&B took back the pans. Woohoo!

I went to my AA meeting.

On the way in, I had a mortifying experience and zoned out and opened my car door in the path of an oncoming bicyclist. He swerved and fell. I am so so so grateful that he was able to get up, that he wasn’t run over by a car, that he wasn’t bleeding. I am so ashamed of myself. And I went to the meeting anyway and told the truth and am still sober this morning. I want to be a woman who is present and aware and mindful all the time.

And I get to do my best again today.

I have booked twelve days in Hawaii. Thank you dad for the miles. November in Hawaii. Wow.

I am blessed. I am grateful. I am blessed. And so it is.

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