gratitude monday 6/9

Good God! I managed to have a completely miserable day on Saturday. Amazing how expert I am at complete bitter misery! Unbefreakinlievable.

More on that in a minute.

I am so grateful that the virus that invaded my body up and left in two days. I am grateful for the tea made of elderberries, elder flowers and lemon balm. And for lomatium extract. A wild ride. Allowed me to spend hours and hours on the dance floor on Saturday and Sunday.

I am so grateful for the dancers who came to the workshop. And for the great dances I got to have.

I am grateful to be able to laugh at myself…when I was driving home last night I *way belatedly* remembered my commitment to *live my life as a coach 24/7*. I so did not do that on Saturday. I so hated reality, hated what was, resented my assigned class placement, that I had a torturous day. Busy busy in my mind wondering and worrying about everything that was none of my business. Ow. It hurt.

moon6.jpgI am so grateful that yesterday I left this house more empowered and had a much better day. One thing that helped was wearing my charm bag tucked into my pants. A totem. Protective and transformative. Helped me to step into a different context. Helped me MYOB. Helped me have a much much better day.

18moon.jpgI am grateful for yummy dances. New friends. Lots of rest, even if it meant lots of driving and double bridge tolls every day.

Today I get to morph back over to diurnality. (Oh good, I just checked and it looks like diurnality is a word. At least per Wikipedia.)

I drew the Moon card in my one-card reading last night. To me this offers a context to be contemplative and internal. An invitation I will attempt to accept today. As always the world is a better place when I keep my big mouth shut. Especially when still suffering from a too-much-gossip, too-much-negativity hangover.

Blessed be!

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