gratitude monday 7/20

I’m grateful grateful grateful. New and wonderful, scary risky, fun stuff going on.

Stepping into dating. After a long stint of not. Like a bit of forever.

I am blessed to be dating a positive, funny, very cute, very sexy woman. I’m all aquiver. Dating by text message. And email. And lots of phone calls. And one—so far—actual date.

She’s way younger than I am. And besides those moments of *Oh jeeze—she was born the year of my first marriage!!!* I’m enjoying my interactions with her so much. We have a fair amount in common. Both crazy healthy eaters. Locavores. Committed to sustainability. She’s teaching me how to make kombucha. She’s smart. That’s a serious plus.

So I’m grateful. And feeling very very lucky.

On the work front, I’m full of possibilities and lots of follow-up to do. The conference was very productive and I learned a lot too about the community media/tv industry.

Rolling up my sleeves and diving into the pool of possibility. Manifestation is the name of the game.

Life is good. Blessed be.

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