gratitude monday 7/26

I’m so grateful this morning.

First the positive gratitudes:

Positive gratitudes? Huh? Aren’t all gratitudes positive? Ummm, no. Read on…
I am grateful for a beautiful full-moon ritual Friday night, positive and hopeful and delicious. Any time I get to drum with my sisters is a beautiful gift.

I am also grateful for the love of my sisters and loving them back.

I am grateful for the work I did in my little garden plot this weekend. Cleared the dead vines, weeded (ouch! serious weeding), and planted a new crop: yellow beans, romanos, string beans, snap peas, carrots, beets, three kales, tatsoi. I continue to be very excited about eating food from the garden.

I’m so grateful for my relationship with Ladybug and her family. I’m really enjoying getting to know Edward and Simon.

I’m very grateful that Iris likes the sweater I made. It felt so good to gift her with the work of my hands.

Here are some of the brilliant full moon pix Victoria sent over last night, to celebrate the full moon in Aquarius. You can see the rest of them here.

And here are the negative gratitudes:

Sometimes this is as good as it gets!

I am so grateful that the headache and disorientation is abating after the assault Saturday night. Someone held a Rave around the corner from my house — maybe 200 yards from my bed — on Saturday night. Pounding techno music woke me a little after two. I called the police non-emergency number around 3. They said they’d send a car. I understand a squad car showed up around 5:45. Oakland! No budget for disturbing the peace calls. I’m actually surprised there was enough budget for someone to answer the phone!

The torturous thing about techno music, I now know, is that it has these resolutions and pauses, pauses long enough for relaxation to begin, and then BAM! it starts up again. Over and over and over and over…

I gave up and read for an hour, finishing a book. Then I finally resolved to use every meditation/breathing/relaxation skill in my repertoire, and managed to fall asleep again around 5:30.

Yesterday was a painful fog. I had a headache all day and night (it’s gone now, thank goodness!). And that weird disorientation where I would step toward a room, or a cupboard, and then stop and ask myself what I was planning to do when I got there! Foggy-headed.

I was enough of a wreck that I got sent home from Lammas ritual early (guess I wasn’t contributing much).

Blessed be!


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