gratitude monday 7/27

I am so grateful. For love. For juiciness. For intimacy. For honesty. For women. For my family of choice.

For Saturday sunshine and walking the market with Leila and her friend Camille.

For this progressing dating thing. These words don’t even come close.

For the way I’m behaving in this. New and much definitely improved. Way…

For surviving severe computer problems. For good help from Apple. For this computer working for me.

For a lovely party. For my friend Nicole Poole, for the joy of seeing her again.

For what came out of my mouth when the bread blessing came around to me…I found myself saying Barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ha-motzi lechem min ha-aretz. It’s the Jewish bread blessing, and it was a pleasant surprise to have that prayer come out of me. In my pagan religion, I rarely find myself reaching back to purple string beansmy roots. This was pure inspiration, and it was well received. I love that, when the goddess speaks through me. Thank you Shekinah. Thank you Asherah.

I am so grateful for the beautiful purple string beans that are still abundant on the vine. I grabbed this pic from the internet. This garden is much neater than my wild jungly one.

I picked a couple of hundred more yesterday. Gave some away and then some more and then some more and still have a big bunch in the fridge.

They’re so beautiful!

I’m grateful for yesterday’s ritual. Warm sunshine in Raven’s backyard. Eleven beautiful women. Lammas. Harvest time. Ritual with soup from the garden. Picking what was planted in the spring. Harvesting our wishes and what we’ve grown. Blessing the food and making the soup. Singing, lots of singing. Sharing what we’ve reaped and the consequences thereof, good and bad.

Lovely ritual.

And a lovely long talk with Leila. More truth. More hot flirting. Increased juiciness. Excitement. So nice.

Blessed be.

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