gratitude monday 7/28


My caffeine release starts today. I don’t want to go through this; I’d rather not thank you very much. And yet here I go. I have cleaned all the oolong tea out of my home. I have packed up healing herbs given to me by Rabbit and by my other herbalist Joshua.

And I’m bringing lot of good food and water. And a book that’s an old friend—The Mists of Avalon.

I get to rest and release this addiction.

Rose asked me what’s next after caffeine and I jokingly answered *gum*. Interesting; at this moment in my life to be so moved to clean my body.

I honor this impulse to detoxify and step away from this substance. I am dependent on no substance. I am enslaved to no substance. Thank you caffeine. As of today, I release you (written as I drink my last morning cuppa…; are you surprised? If you are you don’t really know me very well—I’m planning to drink tea until I hit Half Moon Bay).

The ho’ike was Saturday and I have no words. It was amazing. Wonderful. Went by too fast. The energy of the first half was unbelievable—my heart was pounding through the entire kahiko (ancient) program.

And the auwane (modern) half was so much fun and went by so fast! So that’s what it’s like to perform four dances without interruptions!

I am so grateful for my loved ones’ support at the event. Barbara, Allen, Kim, Rabbit, Kismet, Ninette, Ladybug, Rowan, Melissa, Heaven. Thank you thank you thank you. And thank you ninety-nine more times for holding space for me to deal with Rose getting lost and melting down.

I am so grateful that Rose and Gus and I finally found each other. And that we got to spend some time together. And that I am able to love her just the way she is.

I am grateful for this vacation/retreat/release. And I will begin packing now.

Slowly. Take the morning for it. Leave after lunch.

I am a grateful gal.

An affirmation: I release caffeine as if it was never there. I release caffeine as if it was never there. I release release release caffeine as if it was never there. It is done it is done it is done done done!

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