gratitude monday 7/6

Moon is just about full. Sun in Capricorn. Moon in Cancer. Notes from this full moon’s astro report (presented to my ritual group on Friday):

The first of three eclipses in a row…This full moon, next new moon, next full moon. A time of more intensity, maybe some emotional buffeting.

Because the moon rules Cancer, when the Moon is in Capricorn (the sign opposite its natural energy) we see a unique sun-moon energy. This is the time of year when the moon most infuses the limited, constricted, deliberate, ordered energy of Capricorn with its light, natural, breezy Cancerian unguarded, giving love and compassion.

This is an auspicous night to be thanking all our teachers, in every walk of life; especially the difficult ones who challenge us to reach deep within to feel love and compassion.  I celebrate the teachers in my life: my daughter, parents, siblings, lovers, partners, spouses, co-workers, bosses, professors, etc. Wishing them well with metta is a beautiful way to celebrate the gifts they give/gave to me and I return the sentiment through the heart of my compassion.

Even though this is a very good full moon for celebrating big accomplishments and goals achieved, with this kind of planetary resistance to moving forward, I also get to celebrate the small steps, realistic goal-setting, and showing up even when faced with tremendous limitations. Going forward has its right time and right place. This is the night to look within, connect with my own sense of proper timing and trust the wisdom that arises from this kind of inquiry. I remember that retrograde planets are ideal for inner work, especially with Mercury (mind) in Cancer.

And we have a bunch in retrograde: Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Yes, things might feel a little difficult. But, what other full moon could face this kind of challenge by shrugging its shoulders, taking a breath and moving on to the next right action? Thank you Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, the great teacher of how to handle adversity, struggle and reality, with commitment, follow-through and guts.

I am so grateful that when I tripped and fell hard the other night, the only thing that broke was my beautiful bamboo tray (so sad!). My knees and two toes are big-time skinned. I’m taking very good care, dabbing the skinless areas with thyme and lavender oils plus some Traumeel and then keeping them covered, as it’s still too painful to have so much skinless me exposed to the air.

I am so grateful the fourth is come and gone. My gosh. Even with headphones firmly in my ears, I lay awake in horror for hours while it sounded like people were shooting at my door. Jeeze. Looked like a firefight happened in my street when I drove out yesterday morning.

I’m grateful for being willing to make short-timeline plans to get to a tradeshow next week to develop leads and clients. Investing in myself and my business. Much research to do today, and then get busy making firm plans. Woohoo!

I’m grateful to have visited old friends on the fourth. A beautiful day in Sacramento. Hot but not wiltingly hot. BBQ and a pool. The last appearance of my beautiful bamboo tray. Okay, okay I’m letting go!

I am up and dressed and bandaged and present. It’s 8:16 a.m. and the world is a wonderful place. Blessed be.

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