gratitude monday 7/7

I’m not grateful. Okay, I’m working on it.

Monday morning emails from my web host telling me my account is past due. And I check my bank website and the payments have been received by the web host. And — for the record — I had called said web host a month ago and told them in advance that I would be paying by check. Did that stop the automated dunning emails? Oh no. No way. Did the person I got in support help me? Uh uh nope. Would she transfer me to an *actual* billing person? Nope. Not that either. Did she mispronounce *escalate* twelve times when she repeated over and over again that all she could do for me was *esculate* a ticket to the billing department? You betcha.

I feel like I’m channeling Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand in Fargo).

Breathe. I will move my account to a new host. I will survive this.

And maybe I will even get a refund for this annual payment my host is not acknowledging.

All is well. All is whole perfect and complete just the way it is.

Weekend good. Lots of fun. Even with too many explosions and booms for my taste.

After much work, my sister and I have found our place in Hawaii for my first four nights, a condo at the Waikoloa beach resort near Anaehoomalu Bay and the other beaches on the Kohala coast. Yes it’s a condo. Sigh. We couldn’t find a cottage. Looks beautiful!

I got sanctuary—escape from the fireworks—from Andrew in his basement and we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I love Robert Downey Jr. Funny movie.

I had Kismet’s company and we grilled veggies together and then went to the drumming circle.

Family dinner last night with Anna and her girlfriend Amanda and dad and my sister.

Hula practice. Tarot studies. Online traffic school. Life is rich. I am lucky.

And I am grateful!

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  1. Kim, I’m not tracking the time it’s taking. I’ve given myself five weeks or so at 30–60 minutes a week. I need to finish by end of this month. My fingers are crossed! I hope not to have to finish while on vacation.

    Mahalo for asking!


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