gratitude monday 8/10

I am humbled in gratitude.

I am ridiculously happy. I’m loved and loving and standing in love. For a long time I would have given big odds that this could not happen for me. Ever. Done. Pau. And that belief, resignation, cynicism is now in the past. How beautiful is that!

My status has officially changed: Moved from perpetually single to being in relationship with a beautiful loving present sexy woman. It’s easy, juicy, hot, deep, wide (get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about the depth and breadth of the connection) and reciprocal.

I’m so grateful for all of this. From sharing secret wishes to caring for each other to the romance to joy to tears and back to joy again. I am so blessed.

I’m grateful for how fully met I am in this. Layers of resistance and fear are peeling away easily and freely.

I’m grateful for this wonderful day after a beautiful weekend.

I’m grateful for family time. For my sister. For our intimacy and mutual support.

I’m grateful for my niece and nephew and how much I enjoy them.

I’m grateful for my health. And for strength and flexibility.

I’m grateful for sunshine and growing things and food out of the garden.

I’m grateful that I love to cook and do such a good job of it.

I’m grateful that my lover has taught me to make kombucha and ghee. Next up: sauerkraut.

I’m grateful for magic and my spiritual life. I’m grateful for the protection of my goddesses. I am well and fully blessed.

I’m grateful for my pedicure time with Rabbit. Nice. Intimate girl-talk while our toes were being beautified.

Life is good and I am blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed.

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