Gratitude Monday 8/8

I am so grateful to be alive and on my feet this morning.

So much energy this weekend. Perhaps that’s why the insomnia has returned.

Many hours of listening to relaxation music, doing relaxed breathing, wide awake last night. It’s tiring.

So. Monday morning gratitude, a good way to ground and get centered.

  • I am grateful for much community, sacred work, opportunity to teach this weekend.
  • And a very entertaining movie. Lover of Brendan Gleeson’s work and all things Irish, The Guard was great. Interesting matchup, Gleeson and Don Cheadle.
  • Talking fashion idioms with friends. Socializing in the sunshine at the Claremont celebrating Amy’s birthday. Participating in a reverent and beautiful ritual. Teaching with Rowan in the urban forest.
  • Harvesting, eating and sharing good food.
  • Picking and eating ripe blackberries.
  • Moving my body at the gym.
  • Experiencing healing.
  • Expressing love.

I am blessed.


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