gratitude monday 9/15

The moon is full in Pisces today. A good day to practice lovingkindness and exquisite self care. Then again, aren’t all days good for those two practices? Just sayin’, though, that the moon in Pisces is a really good time to be aware of the suffering of others and to take personal responsibility. And to live simply. And with Uranus conjunct with the moon we have ideal conditions for the expression of our highest awakened and compassionate selves.

Our full moon ritual Friday was lovely. My group of initiates is blossoming, all of us. Leading parts of the ritual. I used to have a hard time staying focused and interested in rituals; I don’t have that challenge any more.

I am so grateful for the dancing this weekend. I got to hear the last of Barbara Morrison’s set. I love her voice and her energy! And dancing with new and old dance friends. Fun. Even when I hurt my knee and ankle and chose to go home, I was wrapped in that lovely happiness that comes from dancing for enough hours to get out of my head and into the heart of the music and the connection and the movement. Nice.

I’m grateful for taking my herbalist’s advice and resting over the weekend (when I wasn’t dancing) so that I could rest my eye. And for soaking it in a rosemary-and-thyme eyewash that I made. It’s feeling much better. Still hurting and tearing and red; I will make more eyewash today.

I’m grateful for eating mindfully and carefully and taking responsibility for my digestive health as much as I can.

I’m grateful for my commitment to be positive and to refrain from whining. Makes me shake my head with wonder—how different this is from the way I lived my life for so long!

I’m grateful for getting to the gym yesterday; my workouts are so important to me.

I am a grateful and blessed woman.

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