gratitude monday 9/22

It’s the equinox today. The center of the harvest season. Dried corn and apples and grapes on the altar. I’m grateful for the circle of women last night—the ritual was wonderful.

I’m grateful for a wonderful day, active in all the communities that make up the best of my life these days. Lindy in the Park. Hula practice. And a women’s equinox circle. Life is rich and varied and I am so lucky.

I’m grateful for completing my Hawai’i hotel plans. And finding AA meetings and swing dancing and putting those events on my calendar. Exciting.

I’m grateful for completing a week on the South Beach food restrictions. No fruit. No grain of any kind. Limited dairy. I did open the door for one kombucha yesterday. And I’m forgiving myself for it today. My jeans fit better. I’m eating well. Life is good.

autumn.pngI’m grateful for running into a friend at the gym.

I’m grateful for my sponsor and her strong suggestions. The one that’s resonating best is to be careful of my languaging. To *do* instead of to *try to do*. Intention. Intention. Intention.

I’m grateful for autumn. With a sad farewell to summer. I’m grateful for the lower slant of the morning sun and the cooler weather.

I’m grateful for committing to more meetings. I clearly need it. Went to one yesterday and it helped.

Blessed be.

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