gratitude monday 9/8

Late for me to be posting. I’m tired and still buzzing from the powerful big transformational weekend at the Gathering the Goddess festival. Women, dianic goddess women, priestesses, 125 women ritualing around the fire in the redwoods. Dancing drumming speaking intentions. Lots of love and lots of power. And lots of joy and tears.

I’m grateful for my initiate sisters, all of whom attended and participated. I’m grateful for the quiet cabin right next door to the cabin the rest of my group annexed. So much laughter and music and letting go and opening up. What a blessing.

I’m grateful for the patience of my sisters when I lost it. I got cranky. And I seem to be loved anyway. Wow.

I’m grateful to have known Jeff, who died today. I’m grateful that no matter what other relationship Kim (Jeff’s wife) and I have—I’ve been her sponsor, I’m now her business and personal coach, and I’m her graphic designer—she is first and foremost my family and I will be at her house in the morning to just hold her and love her and be there with her for a while as she moves through this transition.

Knowing her and watching her move through the tough times of her spouse’s worsening health to today has been completely inspirational to me. I am blessed to have this woman in my life.

I will not be posting tomorrow morning; I’ll be on the road early so I can spend a good amount of time with Kim.

Time to call Kat; another blessing in my life!

Blessed be.

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  1. Sue, it was wonderful to spend the weekend with you. Blessings and peace be upon you, and upon your dear friend Kim. May she draw strength from your strength, for you are strong. I love you, Sue! (wait – you were grumpy? I thought that was just how ppl got when they didn’t get enough sleep! and of course we loved you anyway!) -F

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