GratiTuesday July 6th

It is another gray and chilly morning.

I love bay area summers. Sweats and a flannel shirt.

The fourth of July has come and gone. My strategy of two movies on the 4th worked just fine. The booms and smell of gunpowder were ebbing by the time I got home around midnight.

Morning musings…

I’m in an interesting place (aren’t they all, though?). Romance in its infancy a year (nearly to the day, who’s counting?) after the last one began. What was it, I wonder, that created the vast opening into which I fell as naturally as making food that I love, laughing, dancing? Was it timing? Being fully seen heard smelled?

Is chemistry a real thing? Is it chemical? Mystical? Sensual?

Do I have a type?

Is every connection different? Can I give of myself freely and let go of the desire for this time to be like that time?


  • I am grateful for the abundance of my garden. Grilled patty pan squash that I grew! Really? Wow. String beans, snap peas, snow peas. Kale, chard, mizuna, tatsoi, beet greens, turnip green. Beets, carrots.
  • I am grateful for the health and fitness in this body.
  • I am grateful for laughter and dance.
  • I am grateful for DJing and dancing this weekend.
  • I am grateful for my friendship with Heidi.
  • I am grateful for my willingness to export 1,700 contacts, and then massage the imperfectly exported file so that I now have a list of over 1,000 contacts for my business email. Only one more round to go: changing the first names so that the first letter is capitalized. Paying the price for my all-lower-case data entry!!!
  • I am grateful for being able to figure out what was causing the little power outage in the office (UPS on the blink).
  • I am grateful for my new t’ai chi class starting tonight!
  • I am grateful for friends and my family of choice of magical delightful funny loving and ridiculously smart peopel.

I am blessed. Just sayin’…


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  1. chemistry is a real thing. 🙂

    i read a whole article once about how you should only date/marry people that you like the way they smell- apparently, it’s indicative of how compatible your brain chemistry is. you can like other people, and you can certainly lust after other people, but if you really like the way that someone smells, it’s proof that you’ll get along really well, because your brains process in similar ways.

    ah, pheromones.

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